The Dog Room

Cool Kids Playroom Designs

The Dog Room

So here’s a chance to release the inner child in you. Designing a kids room, what fun!?!? And let’s face it, we’re all kids at heart, we just grow up and learn how to act in public!

When choosing a decorating theme for your children’s room try to make it playful, colourful and fun. It’s a space for them to spark their imaginations, feel inspired and excited! And the theme for this room, Dogs in Clogs of course!!!

There’s a few things you need to think about when planning kids room ideas. Firstly, being able to compromise. You and your child will probably have different ideas. Learn to meet in the middle as both your needs are important. Try to be creative, investing in furniture which will last into their teens. Let’s face it designing a toddlers room can be very different to a teens chill out zone. Find something that becomes your playful animation that can be easily changed at a later date. Perhaps you have an art wall with a fab wallpaper or a particular colourful wall paint. Maybe your soft furnishings become animated, using a mix match of complimenting fabrics is always fun!

Wallpaper and fabrics Abracazoo Collection by Sanderson. Pop into our showroom in Greenwich to view the full collection.